Chi siamo

The farmhouse Casa Leonardo is the result of the restructuring of an old barn.

Following our intervention, it is able to accommodate tourists who are not denied comforts such as air conditioning that we're used to today. We have tried to maintain the typical Tuscan features such as ceiling beams and joists in cotto fiorentino. You created an ideal environment for a pleasant stay and offer you the chance to discover this land.

The Farm "The Fountain" takes its name from a source which has become famous for the habits of the peasant population who lived in the area, and went there to tap into its clear waters which are of excellent quality.

'S company is spread over twenty acres of green hills planted with olive trees, which produce oil and fifteen Montalbano DOCG vineyards to produce the best wine Chianti DOCG, known throughout the world. These, our products will be available to you.

The lands surrounding host communities, birds, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, which have made ​​these areas so quiet place "to play. "

With a little luck, you can observe aquatic birds that stop to rest in the lake of two acres of property.

The absolute peace will accompany you at our farm. The only exception will be the chicchirichì of "Gino", our rooster.